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Welcome! Hope you find this site useful.

After working as a secondary school teacher for over 35 years I retired at age 60 and studied social work at the University of New England.  I graduated in 2018 and decided to compile a summary of my key learning as a preparation for any social work I may eventually do.

My idea in producing this blog is to provide a place where social workers new to the field can find ideas for practice.  Each page has background information, the practice approach I would use if working in that field, and some supporting information that I can make available to interested people.  Remember, however, that I have not actually practised as a social worker at this point in time.  Therefore, feel free to comment, suggest, criticise anything that I have on the pages.

I also subscribe to a number of websites and publications to try to keep up to date with emerging ideas, and my aim is to incorporate any new information into this blog.

I also studied a Diploma in Dementia Care through the University of Tasmania after graduating as a social worker.

I am a retired member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and support their Code of Practice.

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